November 25. ISKCON 50 – S.Prabhupada Daily Meditations. It was…
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November 25. ISKCON 50 – S.Prabhupada Daily Meditations.
It was unusual for Prabhupada to be anywhere but at Dr. Mishra’s studio. Prabhupada did a little shopping, but he rarely went out on any other kind of outings. Mostly he went out for walks. Occasionally, he went to the bookstores to see how his books were selling. He did not have a car in the early days, so he took the subway or the bus. When he went out, he didn’t take on the appearance of an ordinary person in his old, checkered suburban coat. For one thing, he always wore his dhoti. He was elderly and Indian, but these were all external. He burned with an inner flame that was visible, even as he sat in the subway. He was always intensely focused on Krishna. His eyes were different than other people’s eyes; they shone with inner vision. He was always a pure devotee of Krishna.
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Three amazing sales, by Vijaya Prabhu: “At the wonderful…
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Three amazing sales, by Vijaya Prabhu: “At the wonderful Vyasa-puja celebration for His Grace Vaisesika Prabhu, many of his disciples gave him gifts. Sankirtana Dasa, Kumari Lila Dasi, and Iwere thinking about what we could offer him on his birthday.
It was late by the time we left, and we were intoxicated by the feast of delicious prasada. We wanted to offer him something substantial, so we set out door-to-door. (We were later joined by Haladhara Rupa Dasa.) We were driving in the neighborhood of Silicon Valley to find the best place to start. We saw a door that was open, so we decided to start from there.
We met a nice gentleman who worships mother Gayatri. He was full of devotion to the goddess, and he even mentioned that we were sent by her. He accepted a Srimad-Bhagavatam set, in Telegu, even though he and his family were running late for a movie. While we were talking to that family, the neighbors came and invited us to their home.
They were also a very pious family and accepted a set of Bhagavatams. We did a small installation and a kirtan.
While we were all talking, their neighbors (who happen to be old friends of the devotee Srivas) invited us to their home. They were also curious about Srimad Bhagavatam and accepted a set. Sree and Madhu are both pious and learned in some scriptures. They greeted us kindly and offered us fruits when we left, which is traditional for many South Indian families. They wanted us to install their set with an artik and kirtan, as we did in the
previous house.
Kumari Lila said that it was amazing that we had distributed three sets without knocking on any door. It was all the mercy of Lord Caitanya. It was our humble offering to Vaisesika Prabhu.

Glimpses of reality (Winter Marathon 2015) (18 min video) Dear…
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Glimpses of reality (Winter Marathon 2015) (18 min video)
Dear ISKCON devotees, dear friends!
Please watch this short film! Heart-touching, inspirational and leaving no chance to miss the upcoming transcendental fun!
As you know it’s only a few days left before the long-awaited Srila Prabhupada December Marathon kicks off! If you’re still hesitant whether to go out or not or somehow missing the most uplifting vibe which is already up in the air, then please watch this video made by ISKCON London Sankirtan leader Naam Sankirtan Prabhu with following devotees sharing their realizations:
HH Sacinandana, Kadamba Kanana, Kesava Bharati, Janananda, Dhirashanta Maharajas, HG Kripamoya Prabhu and Guru Carana Padma Mataji, HG Dhananjaya, Jai Nitai, Radha Raman Prabhu and more Srila Prabhupada disciples and leaders of Sankirtan initiatives.
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Tulasi Shalagram Vivah 2015 (Album with photos) Deena Bandhu…
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Tulasi Shalagram Vivah 2015 (Album with photos)
Deena Bandhu Das: As every year, on Ekadasi night we had all night kirtan. Then on Dwadasi, we celebrated the marriage of Tulasi and Shalagram! Many people celebrate this, but according to tradition, the marriage always takes place at the bride’s house. So this marriage was super auspicious being performed at Vrinda Kunda, Vrindarani’s home! Relish the pics of Vittalrukmini Prabhu!
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Not only Milk, Cows Give Water. The occupational duties of the…
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Not only Milk, Cows Give Water.
The occupational duties of the vaiśya are conceived in four divisions: farming, commerce, cow protection and moneylending. Out of these, we as a community are always engaged in cow protection.
Now some recognized researchers like Alan Savory speak on desertification, climate change and environmental degradation are just beginning to recognize what has always existed in our Vedic texts, that cows are required for our own planets survival and as a species. Is this is one of the reasons that Mother Earth (Bhumi Mata) takes the form of a cow? Ultimately this also indicates that we should approach Srimad Bhagavatam and Srimad Bhagavad-GIta and extract it’s vital message as a panacea for all ills.
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November 24. ISKCON 50 – S.Prabhupada Daily Meditations. Usually…
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November 24. ISKCON 50 – S.Prabhupada Daily Meditations.
Usually when we think of Prabhupada, we conjure up images of Prabhupada in America, either as a lone preacher struggling alone in New York, or as the grand founder-acarya of ISKCON. But when we read the first volume of the biography, we glimpse Prabhupada’s life in India, before we met him, before he came to preach.
There is a special taste in hearing about the life of a famous person, an artist or writer, when they were still preparing themselves for the greatness that would follow. We can empathize with his or her struggle as they move in the world, unappreciated. The years when Prabhupada was travelling around India in the third-class compartments of trains, maintaining his household, faithfully keeping the Vaisnava principles which his father had taught him, thinking about his spiritual master as “such a nice saintly person” – these are precious meditations for us. Prabhupada was so patient and dutiful. Our spiritual master was such a nice saintly person.
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ISKCON Minister Speaks on Spiritual Abuse at World Parliament of…
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ISKCON Minister Speaks on Spiritual Abuse at World Parliament of Religions.
ISKCON’s Minister of Communications, Anuttama Dasa, spoke in October at the World Parliament of Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah, on a Panel entitled “Understanding and Mitigating the Dangers of Manipulation, Undue Influence and Abuse within Religious and Spiritual Communities.”
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One More Time Around! (9 min video) Indradyumna Swami: There are…
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One More Time Around! (9 min video)
Indradyumna Swami: There are devotees of the Lord who circumambulate Govardhana hill two, or even three times, a day. Busy with visiting other holy places in Vrajamandala our group of 350 devotees only managed to do parikrama around Giriraja twice during our stay in Vrindavan. But what a wonderful parikrama the second one was! At the southern tip of Govardhana Hill we performed abhiseka for Giriraja at an ancient temple of Lord Nrsimhadeva. Devotees enjoyed bathing two silas and singing and dancing along with Sri Prahlada prabhu’s kirtan. Jaya Giri-Govardhana! Jaya Srila Prabhupada!
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Today’s Harinama Sankirtan in Harajuku Tokyo, Japan….
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Today’s Harinama Sankirtan in Harajuku Tokyo, Japan. (Album with photos)
Wakako Tanaka: It’s cloudy day and temperature is only 14° degrees (in Mayapur it was over 30 degrees!!). At first we felt cold atmosphere, but we kept chanting HARE KRISHNA and DANCING, finally we put off the jacket.
Many people joined our Harinama and chanted the holy name together!! Policemen tried to stop us, but we didn’t give up!!!
With Caitanya Mahaprabhu’s mercy we could continue Harinama and met nice people!!! Hare Krsna!!!
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November 23. ISKCON 50 – S.Prabhupada Daily…
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November 23. ISKCON 50 – S.Prabhupada Daily Meditations.
Memories of Prabhupada are nectar. Without them, there would be no substance to Prabhupada consciousness. If there were no memories of Prabhupada, then he would become only a legend. For example, although I don’t have any direct experience of Lord Caitanya’s appearance in the world, many persons who were with Lord Caitanya recorded His pastimes in diaries and books. Therefore, I can know who He actually was. Similarly, the followers of Prabhupada write memoirs and encourage Prabhupada’s disciples to compile their accounts before they pass away, so that everyone now and in the future can know what it was like to be with Prabhupada.
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More from ISKCON Auckland New Zealand Rathayatra and Gopastami…
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More from ISKCON Auckland New Zealand Rathayatra and Gopastami celebrations (Album with photos)
Srila Prabhupada: “In Dvapara-yuga one could satisfy Krishna or Visnu only by worshiping Him gorgeously according to the pancaratriki system, but in the Age of Kali one can satisfy and worship the Supreme Personality of Godhead Hari simply by chanting the holy name.” (Narayana-samhita)
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Srila Gaura Kisora Das Babaji Disappearance observance at…
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Srila Gaura Kisora Das Babaji Disappearance observance at ISKCON-Delhi (Album with photos)
He reasons ill who tells that Vaisnavas die
When thou are living still in sound!
The Vaisnavas die to live, and living try
to spread the holy name around!
– Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura,
on the samadhi of Srila Haridasa Thakura, 1871
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Radharani’s Home (Album with photos) Indradyumna Swami:…
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Radharani’s Home (Album with photos)
Indradyumna Swami: The other day our parikrama party visited Varsana, the home of Srimati Radharani. This beautiful photo album by Ananta Vrindavan dasa perfectly captures the mood of the people and places of this most revered village. Such photography helps to increase one’s desire to one day reside in the eternal realm Goloka Vrindavan.
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Sri Krishna-kathamrita Bindu #363: Uddhava’s Prayers to…
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Sri Krishna-kathamrita Bindu #363: Uddhava’s Prayers to Radharani, and more … The latest issue of Sri Krishna-kathamrita Bindu e-magazine was just released. This issue includes: * PRAISING GURU IS NOT ENOUGH – Instructions from His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada • UDDHAVA’S PRAYERS TO RADHA – In this section of Garga-samhita, Uddhava, arriving in Vrindavan after having been sent by Krishna to give a message of love to the gopis and other Vrajavasis, meets Radharani and offers prayers to her. These prayers describe the many forms that Radharani takes to accompany Krishna in his various incarnations. It can be downloaded here:

November 22. ISKCON 50 – S.Prabhupada Daily…
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November 22. ISKCON 50 – S.Prabhupada Daily Meditations.
Prabhupada was especially uncompromising in his condemnation of materialistic activities. He used strong language to describe people who are devoid of the inclination for spiritual life, calling them dogs, hogs, camels and asses. He also referred to them as rascals. He called the leaders of the countries cheaters. He said they were all going to hell for their impious activities. By any standard, this was harsh criticism. He also protested against the government. He did it in a non-sectarian way, favoring neither the Communists nor the Capitalists. According to the scriptures, he said, “Any political leader in this age is bound to be the lowest kind of man.” In a sense, he protested against the material bonds that held families together. The devotee is described in sastra as one who doesn’t have enemies and who doesn’t cause agitation for others. Prabhupada was not a troublemaker. He simply wanted to give people the key to their own happiness, but because of their inimical attitude towards renunciation and devotion to God, there was trouble. Despite everything, Prabhupada continued distributing books and propagating the Holy Name.
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November 18: Mukunda Goswami’s health update. Thanks to…
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November 18: Mukunda Goswami’s health update.
Thanks to all your prayers and good wishes, Mukunda Goswami is making a slow but steady recovery from his two surgeries.
On November 6, Mukunda Maharaja was transferred from Gold Coast University hospital to the rehabilitation facility of Murwillumbah hospital, which is a 15-minute drive from New Govardhan farm community and his residence there.
In the next 12 days that followed, the local medical staff have been doing their best to gradually encourage Mukunda Goswami towards complete recovery.
Initially Mukunda Goswami was placed in a room with two more patients. But later an intestinal infection, a highly contagious and tenacious bug, Clostridium difficile, was detected and Maharaja was shifted to a single room. This was a blessing in disguise since being alone in the room allowed Maharaja to continuously listen to Srila Prabhupada’s classes played via his loudspeaker system, chant and converse with devotee attendants. Doctors put Maharaja on a course of antibiotics, and as of yesterday, his blood markers indicated that the infection is all but gone. He will still be kept in quarantine for a few days until his recovery is confirmed microbiologically.
Although Mukunda Goswami was quite weak, dehydrated and undernourished after the surgeries, it was a challenge for doctors, nurses and devotee attendants alike to encourage Maharaja to eat more and drink more water. They even had to put him on an IV drip for two days to replenish fluids in his body. It got to the point that one nurse, an elderly lady named Jan, had to tell him: “Look, Mukunda, you Hare Krsnas are very peace-loving people, right? So if you do not drink enough, you’re gonna see one very angry woman!” The nurses also try to trick Maharaja into drinking more water each time they bring him a pill, which fortunately works. Still, Maharaja is very reluctant to drink more, joking today, a cup of water in his hand, that he feels like Socrates forced to drink hemlock. Heparin injections are given twice daily to prevent clotting as well other blood thinning medications until Maharaja starts moving more and is further reviewed by the cardiac team.
As far as nutrition, Maharaja conceded to start taking more food, and has three meals a day supplemented by a high-protein Resource drink that is put on his medication list so he cannot avoid it so easily. All his food intake is carefully logged by a dietitian and Maharaja’s attendants
Being a rehabilitation facility, the staff here are trained (and train us as well) to make sure that Mukunda Goswami feels him more like a normal healthy person than a patient. Their mantra is “You are helping him best by not helping”. They encourage Maharaja to increase his level of self-dependence each day in such basic things as getting out of or into bed, transferring himself to the chair, using toilet, showering, helping himself on water etc. As recently as one week ago Mukunda Goswami could not do much on his own, but soon he started walking using a walking frame Maharaja walks daily laps around the rehab, as much as 800 meters a day and counting. Yesterday, for the first time since his hospitalization on October 23, he went outside on a wheelchair accompanied by Krsna-kirtana Prabhu, breathed the fresh air and basked in the sun for 30 min while enjoying a beautiful view of the Tweed river commanded from the hospital deck. Whether permitting, such outings will become a daily part of his recovery. The aim is to make him secure and confident using the wheeler so he could resume his normal lifestyle at home. A local devotee, expert masseur Trayadisa Prabhu also visits Maharaja twice a week to work on his legs, which helps reduce post-operative swelling and pain .
A few words must be said about the staff. Female and male nurses, most of them in their late 50s or early 60s, are very friendly, caring and attentive. Murwillumbah being the seat of one of the largest and oldest Hare Krsna communities in Australia, most of the staff workers either have friends among devotees, live next door to one of them or in the very least have a very favorable opinion about devotees. A couple of devotees work at the hospital too, one of them, Mahavan Prabhu, serving as a security officer here. They treat Maharaja will a lot of respect and affection. One lady, Maharaja’s occupational therapist, said she was “blown away” after looking “Mukunda Goswami” up on Google and learning of his world renown. Another male nurse asked for the Hare Krsna mantra, which Maharaja had written out for him, and still another swore by “that wonderful pudding with dates” (halava) and indicated he would not mind trying it again. Mukunda Maharaja remarked that the nurses here are very positive, personal and “winsome”.
Today’s medical assessment concluded that, if all goes well, Mukunda Goswami would be discharged in a week or two, but still kept as an outpatient for some more time until they are confident that Maharaja is strong and able to walk assisted with only a walking stick. The intestinal infection quarantine forced us to discourage visitations to Maharaja for now, but hopefully the restriction will be lifted in a few days after Maharaja is ruled as C.diff.-negative. Still, devotees keep regularly sending Maharaja flowers
With Mukunda Goswami’s discharge nearing, an assessment visit to his house is scheduled by the occupational therapist for November 20 in order to identify all the necessary adjustments in his living space to enable him to resume his normal lifestyle safely and securely. We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to devotees from all over the world who have generously contributed funds towards preparing the house for his rehabilitation needs.
As I said in the beginning, barring any emergency, this is the last detailed report on Mukunda Goswami’s health sent to this forum. However, we will continue regular or live updates on Mukunda Goswami’s health, recovery and service on hisTwitter account at:
And, again, we cannot thank enough all of you and thousands of devotees across the world for their ongoing prayers form Mukunda Maharaja’s full recovery and many more years of service to Srila Prabhupada’s mission.
On behalf of Mukunda Goswami’s disciples and followers
your servant, Madana-mohan das

A visit to Man Sarovar, Bhandirvan, Baelvan Karttika (Album with…
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A visit to Man Sarovar, Bhandirvan, Baelvan Karttika (Album with photos)
Last week we visited Maan Sarovar, the lake of Radharani’s tears, Bhandirvan, the place of Radha Krishna’s wedding, and Baelvan, where Sri Laksmiji resides! Visit these special forests through the pics of Vittalrukmini Das!
Find them here:

In Every Town and Village! (12 min video) A compilation of…
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In Every Town and Village! (12 min video)
A compilation of devotees chanting together in different remote places of the globe. Showing how the desire of Lord Chaitanya that Lord Krishna’s Name will be chanted in every town and village of the world is being realized!
Watch it here:

ISKCON Auckland, New Zealand: Rathayatra Ki Jai! (Album with…
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ISKCON Auckland, New Zealand: Rathayatra Ki Jai! (Album with photos)
As storms battered the country we started the 1st of 10 Rathayatra Xmas parades which will happen over the next 3 weeks around Auckland. In a small coastal town with a hand full of dedicated Jaganatha Bhakta’s.
It was much appreciated by the local people and the organiser, and we are all happy knowing the town has been blessed by the beautiful smiling faces of Lord Jaganatha, Baladeva ,and lady Subhadra.
Find them here:

November 21. ISKCON 50 – S.Prabhupada Daily…
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November 21. ISKCON 50 – S.Prabhupada Daily Meditations.
Satsvarupa dasa Goswami: I have my service in his movement like everyone else, but regardless of whether my service differs from yours, we are all students at the feet of the guru. I don’t want to become like a jaded sense-gratifier, always needing more and more stimulation to get the same “high.” Prabhupada is enthusing me. I collect his memories and photographs to remind myself of that. To stay alive in Prabhupada memories, while remaining free of dilettantism, is to know that he has a current connection with us. Don’t relegate Prabhupada to the museum in your mind and think that you are the antiquarian collector of rare books and artifacts. Prabhupada is out preaching. I want to serve those devotees who have that “face-to-face with-Prabhupada” realization. I am poor in Prabhupada consciousness. Am I trying to compensate for that by collecting Prabhupada memorabilia? It’s okay, it works. But let me take the dust on my head of devotees who are alive for Prabhupada.
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Ecovila Goura Vrindavana (6 min video) Ecovila e Ashram Hare…
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Ecovila Goura Vrindavana (6 min video)
Ecovila e Ashram Hare Krishna “Goura Vrindavana”, Paraty RJ, Brasil.
A community project with an emphasis on contact with nature and self-sustainability, based on well-defined principles of philosophy of life and spirituality. The community has been developing since the mid-eighties. Much work has been performed in the course of these years and the practical results are evident. Nevertheless, much remains to be done. From generation to generation, the project can continue perfecting itself without limit.
Watch it here:

UK Devotees Meet With Prime Ministers Cameron and Modi. ISKCON…
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UK Devotees Meet With Prime Ministers Cameron and Modi.
ISKCON devotees in the United Kingdom recently got the chance to meet with both British Prime Minister David Cameron, and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
When Srutidharma shook his hand, Cameron commented, “My kids are still eating all the sweets you left at Diwali!”
Later, at a VIP function organized by the Indian High Commissioner, three ISKCON devotees – Srutidharma, Gauri Das and Manor head of communications Vinay Tanna – were counted amongst the 1,000 VIPs.
There Gauri also got a chance to meet with Modi, and presented him with a box of Mangala-arati sweets too, saying, “These are made with milk from our own cows,” which delighted the Indian PM.
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Thanksgiving Dinner & Program in Ojai, California, Nov 17….
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Thanksgiving Dinner & Program in Ojai, California, Nov 17.
Wonderful home program on Tuesday evening at the Ojai yatra, with a phenomenal ‘karma-free’ prasadam feast. Presentation talk given by Vasanta and dinner prepared by Mayesvara Dasa & crew. The feast was phenomenal: carrot sabji, tofu-turkey with gravy, sweet potatoes, baked persimmons, and cheesecake topped with persimmon sauce. No one left hungry….
Vasanta Prabhu (ACBSP) gave a presentation on Thanksgiving
principles, ecology and animal protection.

November 20. ISKCON 50 – S.Prabhupada Daily…
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November 20. ISKCON 50 – S.Prabhupada Daily Meditations.
Prabhupada was the symbol of self-sacrifice. He was not overbearing, just pure. He had no desire to win respect for himself, he simply wanted people to recognize the supremacy of Krishna. This came out especially in Prabhupada’s writing. Walt Whitman said that everything one is will come out in one’s writing. If you are the kind of person who likes to have a servant stand behind you at the dinner table, that will come out in your writing. If you are cruel to your wife, that will come out in your writing. Even if you try to avoid those topics in your writing, still they find their way into your expressions. In Prabhupada’s case, we see every phrase saturated with his faithful desire to present Krishna’s message. His writing is not outstanding because he was a great Sanskrit scholar, or because he used polished prose. These things are also true, but his outstanding feature is his presentation of Krishna as He is. This is very unusual for commentators of Bhagavad-gita. Most Gita commentators cannot resist using the Gita to propound their own philosophy.
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Devotees from Moscow, Russia, provide warm clothes to the…
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Devotees from Moscow, Russia, provide warm clothes to the residents of Vrindavan (Album with photos)
Today is the first day of the distribution of warm things that we’ve collected in the framework of the project “brajcare”. We gave them out at the parikrama road around Govardhana. A Full report will be at the end of the visit, until then just a few photos. We explained them (as far as our language was allowing), what is this new kind of things, which was sent to them from Russia.
We’ll do better tomorrow. Yes, winter here will come in a month, approximately, therefore, the locals with great joy take things, realizing that very soon they will need them.
Find them here:

Sastra Dana, Sweden. Here is our Shastra Dana report for…
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Sastra Dana, Sweden.
Here is our Shastra Dana report for October 2015.
We have been distributiing the following books:
170 Vediska texter
2 Bhagavad gita
3 Krishna books
1 Mnstares ledning
Total 176 books
We would like to thank the following devotees:
Ella & Sune HellstrAm, Sten Bergil, Gilbert Rylander, Tomas Nilsson, Mikael Forian, Robert dkerman, Cathryn Claesson, Astasiddhdd, Smita Krishna Swami, Aja das & Pancavati dd, Yogindra das, Nama Rupa dd, Magnus HedstrAm, Bh. Jarmo, Bahulashva das, Sri Jayadeva das, samt till alla dem som Anskar attvara anonyma.