Sun Love Feast – Jan 26th 2020 – Vedic discourse by Her Grace Prema Gaurangi Mataji
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Chant: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare 

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare 

And Be Happy!!

ayur harati vai pumsam
udyann astam ca yann asau
tasyarte yat-ksano nita

Both by rising and by setting, the sun decreases the duration of life of everyone, except one
who utilizes the time by discussing topics of the all-good Personality of Godhead.
 ~ Srimad Bhagavatam 2.3.17

11.00 - 11.15      Tulsi Puja
11.15  - 11.30     Guru Puja
11:30 - 11:55     Aarti & Kirtan
11.55  - 12.00    Sri Nrsingadeva Prayers
12.00 - 12:55    Vedic discourse
  1.00 - 1.30      Closing Kirtan
  1.30 - 2.00     Sanctified Free Vegetarian Feast


Bhaimi Ekadasi
Fasting.....................on Wed Feb 5th, 2020
Breakfast................  on Thu 6th Feb, 2020 b/w 7:29am – 9:56am

Every fortnight, we observe Ekadasi, a day of prayer and meditation. On this day we fast (or
simplify our meals and abstain from grains and beans), and spend extra time reading the scriptures
and chanting the auspicious Hare Krishna mantra.By constantly ‘exercising’ our minds through
regular japa we can train our senses to push the threshold of contentment.
English audio glorification of all Ekadasis is available here 


Adult Education At The Temple
ISKCON Brampton offers various courses and Seminars for adults. The courses take a personal approach to learning. It encourages the student not only to study thoroughly the contents of Srila Prabhupada’s books but also to clearly understand the philosophy and practically apply it. The course focuses on behaviour and character, nurturing students in appropriate Vaishnava values.
Professionally designed and presented, it draws on the principles of Krishna consciousness
and the best of progressive education. In this way, it is true to ISKCON’s heritage and at the
same time relevant to its mission in contemporary society.

For further information, please contact HG Prema Gaurangi Devi Dasi @

Sunday School

To register,contact us

The Sunday School provides fun filled strategies through the medium of music, drama, debates,
quizzes and games that present Vedic Culture to children. However the syllabus is also designed
to simultaneously teach them to always remember Krishna and never forget Him.
The Sunday School follows the curriculum provided by the Bhaktivedanta College of Education and Culture (BCEC).

Monthly sankirtan Festival(MSF)
“One who has life can preach, and one who preaches gets life.”(Previous Acaryas)
Every member of ISKCON should have the opportunity to make advancement in Krishna
consciousness by preaching.We encourage everyone to come out and participate and make
Srila Prabhupada happy.

Please contact:
Dharma Dasa- and Brampton regions)

The Mentorship Program

Please note that registration in the Mentorship System is now a mandatory requirement for all initiation requests at ISKCON Brampton.It

1.Facilitates  and nurtures devotees aspiring for first and second Initiation.
2.One-on-One personal follow up on a regular basis.
3.Systematic training to devotees in matters of Philosophy, Sadhna, Vaishnava behavior, etiquette, Lifestyle and attitudes.

To find details please click here

Gift Shop

Are you looking for some amazing gift items which are less expensive and more beautiful for your
loved ones for festivals or many other occasions??
Our boutique is stocked with an excellent range of products, perfect for gifts or as souvenirs of your
visit. It offers textiles, jewelry, incense, devotional articles, musical instruments, books, and CDs
inspired by Indian culture.We're open on all Sundays and celebrations marked in our annual calendar.

Lecture on Hospice Care, January 19, Bhaktivedanta Medical Association, Houston
Giriraj Swami

“It is quite encouraging to help someone leave their body in Krishna consciousness with the expectation that they wont have to take birth again in the material world but will go back to Godhead. I have spoken to people that have said that helping someone leave their body at the time of death was a very sacred time for them.”

Hospice Care (Right click to download)

Cheaters to Teachers
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You have a 20-second window to make an impression – they stop, you size them up, put in a spiritual pitch, something interesting, inspirational and endearing, and wait for a reaction – hit, miss or blank… anything could happen! One thing is for sure – people are perceptive. They can sniff out any sense of superficiality, selfish motive, or insecurity within moments.

Krsna – The Ultimate Chess Player
→ KKSBlog

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 28 May 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Srimad Bhagavatam 6.11.25)

It is important to always turn to Krsna and remember that Krsna will decide. Krsna has His plan. We can think of a chess board where we are a pawn on the chess board. So as a pawn on the chess board, we can see the squares that are closest to us. Oh, there is a horse coming! We can see that, so then we must watch out. But while there are a few squares around us that we can see, we cannot oversee the whole board. We cannot oversee the whole game. Krsna, however, is the chess player and He can see seven moves ahead. He is the ultimate chess player and so He knows everything! We can see the horse coming but we cannot see more than the immediate circumstances that we are in. All we can see is what is happening in our life right now and we see it as something good or something bad. But how do we know if something is really bad? How can we ever know?

Prabhupada told us a story about a King. There was a King and he was in the Royal Court where he was playing with an arrow and this arrow had a very sharp head. As the king was playing with this arrow, he made a wrong move and he cut a little piece of his finger. Well that was a national disaster! I mean, a piece cut off the royal finger. The whole kingdom had to lament about the royal finger. But there was one minister who said to the King, “Your majesty, this was a good thing. This has happened for a reason.” Of course, the King got really upset at the minister saying that it was good that the royal finger got cut off. “You think it was good? Well then it will also be good if you are put in the jail for a while!”, the King ordered. So in next moment, the soldiers came and dragged the minister off and threw him in the dungeons. After a few days, the King went into the forest for some hunting, but when he was in the forest, he got caught by some dacoits. These dacoits were worshipping Mahabhairava, which is the ghastly form of Durga, and so they decided that they would offer the King to Mahabhairava for auspiciousness. So these dacoits were getting the King ready for the sacrifice with the ornaments and all, but then they saw a piece was missing from the King’s finger. According to their tradition, if there is a piece missing, the person could not be offered. Oh no! So then, they allowed the King to go. After the King came back, he was thinking about his minister and called for him. He told the minister that he was right. “It was good after all that I cut that piece off my finger because it saved my life, but one thing I do not understand is why it was good that you were in jail… how is that good?”, the King asked. The minister replied that it was very good actually that he was in jail, because if he was not, he would have been with the King on the hunting trip and when the dacoits let the King go, they would have sacrificed him (the minister) instead. So in this way, Krsna can see so many moves ahead and we simply cannot. So we may think sometimes that our current circumstances are bad, but maybe what is bad now later turns out to be good. So in this way, Krsna is actually protecting us.

The article " Krsna – The Ultimate Chess Player " was published on KKSBlog.

Just focus on Krishna!
→ Dandavats

A lady, member of the congregation, went to her local Hare Krishna Temple president and said, I won’t be attending the Temple anymore.
He said, May I ask why??
She said I see people on their cell phones during the services, some are gossiping, some just ain’t living right, they are all just hypocrites…
The Temple president got silent, and he said, ok… But can I ask you to do something for me before you make your final decision?

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Mayapur Panchakros Parikrama

Tomorrow is Pancha krosa Parikrama – going on Parikrama by walk in and around Mayapur. We will leave from Srila Prabhupada bhajan kutir on 25th Jan by 5 a.m., taking sankalpa ( spiritual vow) to perform this Parikrama. The Parikrama will proceed through Jagai -Madhai ghat, Ganga nagara, Bharadwaja Tila, entering Simantadwip and visiting Jagannath […]

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ISKCON Scarborough – Srimad Bhagavatam Katha- Interactive presentation- Lord Krsna Rescues His Teacher’s Son – 25th Jan 2020- 4 pm to 6 pm
→ ISKCON Scarborough

Hare Krsna
Please accept our humble obeisances
All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Our 31st month - interactive, multimedia SB katha will be held at ISKCON Scarborough from 4 pm to 6 pm. Admission is free and prasadam will be served.

You will also get printed notes to take home with you for your future reference of the pastime.

All are welcome and there are no pre-requisites.

Topic: Lord Krsna Rescues His Teacher's Son
Date: 25th Jan 2020 (Saturday)
Time: 4 pm to 6 pm
Summary of the pastime: This chapter describes how Lord Krsna and Lord Balaram travelled to the ocean at Prabhäsa where Lord Krsna killed the conch demon Pancajana, took the Pancajanya conch shell and then travelled to the planet of Yamaraja, the lord of death to retrieve the son of their Spiritual master Sandipani Muni.

SB 2.2.37: Those who drink through aural reception, fully filled with the nectarean message of Lord Krsna, the beloved of the devotees, purify the polluted aim of life known as material enjoyment and thus go back to Godhead, to the lotus feet of Him [the Personality of Godhead].

ISKCON Scarborough
3500 McNicoll Avenue, Unit #3,
Scarborough, Ontario,
Canada, M1V4C7

Radharani and Forgiveness
→ Dandavats

Radharani and Forgiveness
Lord Indra was worried Maharaja Prthu might steal away some of his power and prestige, so he stole one of the horses for the sacrifice that Prthu was doing,and when he realized he had done wrong, he took shelter of Lord Visnu who then told Prthu to forgive Indra, which he did.

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Dealing with Anger
→ Dandavats

Dealing with Anger
In 1976 I had my first boil. Beneath my skin emerged a red swollen protrusion about an inch in diameter. The inflamed mound soon had a snowcap as the infection made its way to the top. Eventually it erupted through the skin and the infection came gushing out relieving me of the pain. For the next few days the discharge continued to drain out and the boil receded. I was glad to have it over with until a friend of mine asked me “did you get the core out?” Since I hadn’t gotten the core of the boil out, although it appeared to have completely healed over, it again became infected.

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Fortune in Misfortune
→ Dandavats

By Indradyumna Swami

“This material world is certified by the Lord in the Bhagavad-gita as a dangerous place full of calamities. The duty of the sane person, therefore, is to be undisturbed by worldly calamities, which are sure to happen in all circumstances. Suffering all sorts of unavoidable misfortunes, one should make progress in spiritual realization because that is the mission of human life. If someone is lucky enough to get in contact with the Lord by devotional service, it is all gain. Contact with the Lord by any one of the nine devotional services is always a forward step on the path going back to Godhead." Purport, Srimad Bhagavatam 1.8.25 Continue reading "Fortune in Misfortune
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Kingdom Day Parade, LA — 20 Jan. 2020 (Album of photos)
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New Dvaraka Harinam — 20 Jan. 2020 (Album of photos)
Srila Prabhupada: Those who are advanced and highly qualified and are interested in the essence of life know the good qualities of Kali-yuga. Such people worship the age of Kali because in this age, simply by chanting the Hare Krishna maha-mantra, one can advance in spiritual knowledge and thus attain life’s goal. (Srimad-Bhagavatam, 11.5.36)
Find them here:

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ISKCON Wellington
→ Ramai Swami

After Christchurch, I visited our ISKCON temple in Newlands, Wellington. This is small temple and to the side is a house that’s used for an ashrama. The devotees have a plan to build a much larger temple because the land is big enough to accommodate it. 

The devotees are enthusiastic and we had some nice programs, morning and evening. Ambarisa Maharaja Prabhu also runs programs in rental halls at Lower Hutt and Newtown on Friday and Saturday. Devamrta Maharaja’s disciples run the Bhakti Lounge downtown as well.

His Grace Jaya Vijaya Prabhu left his body
→ Dandavats

All Glories to Sriman Jaya Vijaya Prabhu. Recently His Grace Jaya Vijaya Prabhu left his body from cancer of the bile duct. On behalf of the ISKCON Australia Management Council I have been asked to offer heartfelt condolences to his young family – his wife Varsana Radhe devi dasi, his sons - 11-year-old Arjuna and 2-year-old Kartikeya, his extended family as well as all his numerous friends.

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HARE KRISHNA! Opens in 20 Cities in Italy
→ Dandavats

The hit film on Srila Prabhupada's life, HARE KRISHNA! The Mantra, the Movement and the Swami who started it all opens in 20 cities in Italy starting Jan. 23 and running through March 15. There is the possibility of releasing the film in up to 100 cities throughout the country if it continues to draw crowds.

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You Have Elected Him!
→ Dandavats

Because Yudhisthira Maharaja himself was very pious, he conducted his government in such a way that people were also pious. Yad yad acarati sresthah lokas tad anuvartate. (Gita 3.21) If the leaders are perfect, then the citizens will be perfect. If the leaders are rascals …

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You Elected Him
Giriraj Swami

Because Yudhisthira Maharaja himself was very pious, he conducted his government in such a way that people were also pious. Yad yad acarati sresthah lokas tad anuvartate. (Gita 3.21) If the leaders are perfect, then the citizens will be perfect. If the leaders are rascals . . .

Just like in your country, now your president is caught up. Just see. Such an exalted post is occupied by a person who is subjected to so many criticisms. Why? “Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion.” The king or the president—why he should be under suspicion? And if he is under suspicion, then immediately he should resign: “Oh, people are now suspecting.” But this rascal will not resign. You see? Just see how much our leaders are polluted. He has been charged with so many things. Why he? Everyone is. He is weak; therefore he has been caught up. That’s all. He is not so perfect diplomat. Otherwise he would have not been caught up.

So the leaders must be perfect. Therefore, according to Vedic civilization, at least three persons in the society . . . First: the priest or the spiritual master, who are engaged in teaching people about religiosity, must be perfect, above suspicion. Similarly, the public leader must be above suspicion. A brahman . . . Brahman means priest also. He must be above suspicion. And the king must be above suspicion. Then things will go on. But there is no such restriction.

Nowadays it is the days of vote. Any rascal, if he gets votes somehow or other, then he acquires the exalted post. That is also written in Srimad-Bhagavatam, that in the Kali-yuga there will be no consideration who is fit to occupy the exalted post of president or royal throne. Simply somehow or other, by hook and crook, he’ll occupy the seat. Therefore people are suffering. It is not . . . Nowadays, in democratic days, the government by the people, for the people. So if the government is by the people, yes, you select your representative. If you are a fool, then you will select another fool.

So Bhagavata says, sva-vid-varaha ustra-kharaih samstutah purusah pasuh. (SB 3.2.19) Anyone who is not a devotee, Krishna conscious devotee of God, then he may be in an exalted post, but he is praised by people who are exactly like sva. Sva means dog, and vid-varaha means pigs, who eat stool. And ustra means camel. And khara means ass. If a person who is not a devotee is praised or is exalted, then the persons who are praising him must be among these animals: dog, camel, pig, and ass.

So the whole population is like that, like dog, like camel, like ass, and like vid-varaha, pig, stool-eater—the whole population, at the present moment. So they must elect another big animal who is also in this category. Because they have no knowledge. If you take votes from the camels, to whom he will vote? Another big camel, that’s all. If you take votes from the dog, then whom he will elect? Another big dog. Therefore, anyone who is not a devotee of God, Krishna, he is either of these animals. And if he is praised, it is to be understood that he is being praised by a similar type of animal.

So, if we remain sva-vid-varahostra-khara, then we must elect another big sva-vid-varahostra-khara. So how there can be good situation of the state? It is not possible. Therefore the public must be educated so that they may not elect another big dog or big camel or big ass to the exalted post. It is the public’s fault. Nowadays it is democratic days, so why should you complain against such-and-such person or president? You have elected him, and now you find fault with him. It was your fault that you elected such a rascal, sva-vid-varahostra. It is very right conclusion.

—Srila Prabhupada, talk on Srimad-Bhagavatam, Los Angeles, December 15, 1973

World Holy Name Festival Annual Report 2019
→ Dandavats

By Ekalavya Das

World Holy Name Festival 2019 was the biggest so far. We celebrated from Sept. 17 – 24, 2019, and focused, as usual, on glorifying Srila Prabhupada as the Global Ambassador of the Holy Name. We provided ISKCON centers with resources from our website including a poster. We gave personal guidance. We established new coordinators for Africa, Australia, New Zealand and India Youth. Continue reading "World Holy Name Festival Annual Report 2019
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ISKCON Law Department Holds 1st Global Conference of Devotee Attorneys
→ Dandavats

By Govinda Dev Das and Guru Gauranga Das

ISKCON General Counsel Devakinandan Das opened the Conference by providing a historical overview of the legal challenges that have confronted ISKCON in the past and the often ad hoc manner in which they were addressed. Since ISKCON's inception more than 50 years ago, there has been no team of in-house legal professionals able to guide ISKCON through the minefield of legal problems. Devakinandan Das reminded the assembled devotee attorneys that while ISKCON is organized for spiritual purposes, it must function in the material world, which requires awareness of and compliance with myriad legal requirements imposed by local governments and nations throughout the world. A proactive and formally organized approach to legal matters, he said, will assist greatly to protect ISKCON's assets, limit potential liabilities, deal with conflict, and ensure more informed decision-making by ISKCON's leaders. Continue reading "ISKCON Law Department Holds 1st Global Conference of Devotee Attorneys
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