In a galaxy far far away Luke Skywalker (Mark Hammel) gets…

In a galaxy far far away Luke Skywalker (Mark Hammel) gets Prabhupada’s books! (Album with photos)
Brajananda Das: This past weekend was the annual NYC comic con which I have attended the last 3 years. I met a lot of wonderful people there. In my album’s first picture is a nice fellow from Peru, he was very grateful to get the books. The second is from Dharmaraja, he gave a book to Mark Hammel who played Luke Skywalker in the original Star Wars. The third is Kermit the frog (not the original one, hah). The others are a bunch of other great people who value knowledge. It was a successful, yet stressful weekend (NYC is a tough place to get around for this monk, especially if you’re hauling a lot of books and can’t park a big van near the event.) but Krishna always reciprocates, so it was well worth the endeavor. Hare Hare!
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