Sunday, October 29th, 2017

St John’s, Newfoundland
More in St. John’s
Our U.S. walking party, comprised of three Canadian Krishna monks, hit the trail, the “Great Trail” at its start.  The longest constructed trail is this one with a distance of 24,000 kilometres connecting the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans by way of a foot path.  Hayagriva, Marshall and I really just scratched the surface, covering a mere 3 km, and that was just the 3 km to get to the starting point, formerly called the “Trans Canada Trail. Mile Zero Km.”  It would take me just under two years to make that distance non-stop if I were to tackle it.  Mind you, I’m not unfamiliar with it.  I’ve taken to segments of it.
Today we made our second visit to the local Hindu temple to worship and to talk on the topic “The Rope of God,”  Highlighting the pastime of God as a child.  Krishna, as a baby, stands there shaking in fear and kajal, mascara, mixed with tears runs down His cheeks.  His mother is unhappy at His behavior and so she proceeds to give him a licking.  She gathers some rope nearby and after some struggle manages to tie Krishna to a wooden grinding mortar.  Her prescription toward correcting her son is driven by love, of course.
The above story is meant to invoke a parental feeling toward Krishna and to be charmed by Him.  It seems to me that the telling of the tale impacted the group.  By evening we held to a more yogic crowd at Meranda’s Lotus Centre.  It has been fifteen years since Meranda and I began the Sunday night chanting sessions.  It has been going strong ever since, thanks to her steady determination in maintaining such a worthwhile program.
Tonight’s session was a strong feel-good.
May the Source be with you!

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