Update on HG Agnideva Prabhu. Dear devotees, friends and…

Update on HG Agnideva Prabhu.
Dear devotees, friends and well-wishers,
Here is an update on Agnideva prabhu:
On Wednesday neurologists were planning a spinal tap to check for the dreadful Gullian Barr’e Syndrome. But on Thursday Agnideva prabhu was able to move his hands and lower limbs as well. This recovery in mobility is not symptomatic of GBS, so they continued trying to improve his breathing. He was achieving good oxygen levels and by Friday very minimal oxygen was being administered. At that point, Agnideva prabhu was able to speak and recognized everyone. He also remembered everything; the kirtans, japa, reading etc. at his bedside from the past few days, even while he was heavily sedated at the time. Yesterday the doctors got him to sit in a chair for two hours, but it was very exhausting for him. Although he is improving with reflexes, it’s very slow and his condition remains as serious.
Although his Oxygen levels are better, fluid continues to accumulate in his lungs, requiring drainage. Daily X-rays show slight improvement each day, but a CT scan of the chest is now scheduled to help respiratory specialists see what is causing the fluid and the lung collapse. Depending on the results, they may have to operate and insert a special liquid that draws the lungs towards the rib cage helping them inflate normally. Afterwards, surgery will also be required to repair the holes in his lungs made for drainage.
Agnideva prabhu is in a positive state of mind. He requested to hear his recording of Srila Prabhupda’s poem, “Krishna tabe puniya habe bhai.” He also announced that he has decided that his next recording will be dedicated to Lord Caitanya.
We did not anticipate the complexity of his condition, his long stay in intensive care, the probable surgery of the lungs, and thereafter his heart and the rehabilitation program. Agnideva prabhu, as well as his family and his friends, are overwhelmed by the loving support received. As the path of treatment becomes clearer we may need to call for further continued assistance from you all. Thank you everyone.
Your servant,
Indradyumna Swami