New York Kirtan @ Tompkins Square Park
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Picture an older Indian man, in his late sixties, who never travelled outside of his country before. Taking a boat trip on a rickety cargo liner where he suffered from sea sickness, dizziness and also had two heart-attacks. He arrived at the docks of New York City after 37 days with ian umbrella, several books […]

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Stay on the bus!
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(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 09 July 2014, Serbia, Summer Camp, Lecture after kirtan) In Mayapur, there is a bus that stops everyday in front of the gate of our Sri Caitanya Candrodaya Mandir. When one gets on the bus in Bengal, it is not uncommon that people are involved in a heated discussion because Bengali people […]

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Follow the leader
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(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 15 September 2015, Durban, South Africa, Kirtan at NJP) Kirtan means that we have to listen. Just like in chanting japa, in kirtan there is also inattentive chanting. Inattentive chanting means that we sing something else than what the leader is singing and that is what you are doing. Of course, it […]

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Krishna Lounge 3/8/2018 Recording
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New Feature! The Krishna Lounge will now be recorded each week and the audio made available online. You can find it hear on the Krishna Lounge website, on SoundCloud under the user “SukhiBhaktaDasa”, and on the Krishna Lounge FaceBook page. Here’s last week’s audio, with kirtans by Sukhi Bhakta and Karuna Mayi, and a talk […]

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(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 02 January 2018, Murwillumbah, Australia, House Programme) It is said that the pastimes of Lord Caitanya are like the sky and different birds are flying on different levels in that sky. But some birds do not fly at all, for example, chickens; they do not fly. But I tell you, by this […]

Kirtan 101
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(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 13 January 2014, Mayapur, India, Lecture: Kirtan Academy 1) I would like to say something about kirtan since I like kirtan. There are different sides to it. There is the essential side which is the service that we render by chanting the holy name; engaging our mind and senses in chanting; and […]

“Which service is the best?”
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(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 08 July 2016, Villa Vrindavan, Italy, Sravanam Kirtanam Festival) kaler doṣa–nidhe rājann asti hy eko mahān guṇaḥ kīrtanād eva kṛṣṇasya mukta–saṅgaḥ paraṁ vrajet (Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 12.3.51) Kali yuga is an ocean of faults but there is ONE good quality of this age which is the chanting of the holy name and it is accompanied by the mercy of Lord Caitanya. The importance of the […]

New Year’s Eve Kirtan Fest!

Mayapur Festival Committee invites everyone to join the New Year’s Eve Kirtan Festival on 31st December from 7 pm to 12 am at Sri Pancatattva Mandir. Devotees worldwide can take part in this kirtan evening, which will be broadcasted live at Senior Kirtaniyas will lead the kirtan festival. Mayapur receives around three to five […]

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