Mumbai Mitrotsava Talk via Skype, October 5, Carpinteria

“It is important that devotees take care of each other. Like anyone, devotees will have different aspects to their lives. There is the emotional, physical, social and spiritual aspects. So, we want to serve each other in the mood to give support in all these ways. Of course, for devotees, everything includes Krishna. We help each other in all aspects so that we can better serve Guru and Krishna. That is really our goal — gop?-bhartu? pada-kamalayor d?sa-d?s?nud?sa? — we want to be the servant of the servant of Krishna, the maintainer of the gopi damsels of Vrindavan. In our conditioned life, each of us wants to be the center— that is material life. In spiritual life, Krishna is the center. We have to work on keeping Krishna in the center and ourselves as the servants.”

Mitrotsava talk