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Last night Brahmananda Dasa launched a new book “Swamiji” wherein Steven J. Rosen ( Satyaraja dasa ) recounts Brahmananda prabhu’s service and association with Srila Prabhupada in the early years of the Hare Krishna Movement. While reading and commenting on the book, published by Torchlight Publishing, Inc. Brahmananda prabhu gave rare and valuable insights into […]

Favorite Destinations
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Yavat and Ter Kadamba are favorite desinations for pilgrims visiting Vrindavan. Yavat is where Radharani lived with Her “husband” Abhimanyu. Ter Kadamaba is where Nanda Maharaja had a gosala of cows. It is also one of the places that Srila Rupa Goswami did bhajan. Our parikrama party sat for hours hearing the different pastimes that […]

Born Again
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Two days ago we formally welcomed a number of devotees into our Gaudiya Vaisnava family – Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON – by accepting them as disciples. The joy of the occasion was evident on the candidates faces and captured most expertly by our Kartika parikrama photographer, Ananta Vrindavan dasa. The ceremony took place near ISKCON’s gosala, […]

The Honey Forest
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Madhuvan, Vrindavan’s forest of sweetness, is the place of many of Radha and Krsna’s most nectarian pastimes. It is also famous for the place where Druva Maharaja performed penance and austerities to achieve his desire for a kingdom greater than his father’s. After having direct darsan of the Lord, however, he realised his greatest fortune […]

Robber’s Market
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Mumbai’s “Thieves Market,” deep in the heart of the city, gets it’s name from notorious robbers of yore who would peddle their stolen goods throughout the market. More tame in modern times, the bazzar teems with items of antiquity like furniture, paintings, lamps, old photos, silverware and more — attracting collectors, tourists, locals and the […]

Kirtan and Katha With 50,000 Viewers
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Yesterday, as soon as my flight arrived Skopje, Macedonia I was whisked away to a live 30-minute talk show on “24 News,” one of Macedonia’s main television channels. The theme of the program was, “Cultural Origins.” The show was viewed by 50,000 people. Amongst the many topics covered, I elaborated how our Krsna consciousness movement […]

Bliss In Budapest
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ISKCON’s center in Budapest is a charming temple situated near the center of the city. Devotees run a popular vegetarian restaurant downtown and are much appreciated for their daily Food For Life prasdasam distribution. Both locals and tourists watch with interest when devotees perform regular harinam samkirtan and book distributors are a regular sight on […]

One Of ISKCON’s Finest
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The rural community of New Vraja Dhama in Hungary, with 207 devotees and 50 cows, is Sivarama Swami’s offering of love to his spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada. Over two decades of selfless hard work by the Hungarian devotees has produced one of the finest projects in ISKCON. The presiding deities, Radha Syamasundara, are worshipped with […]

Only 500,000
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This afternoon I was interviewed on Moldavian TV 1, the nation’s main television station. I was asked to explain how an ancient spiritual tradition, like Krsna consciousness, can be practiced in modern society.The interviewer also asked me to explain the qualities of true leadership and how they could be applied in government. I also explained […]

A nice entry
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