Sri Viraha Astakam

Srila Prabhupada, I discovered my heart’s true aspiration in your glorification of your own spiritual master, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saravati, in 1959. Please may your words become one with my heart. May I forever be an instrument in carrying out your will. “The jivas have reshackled themselves with the heavy chains of ignorance and delusion, and […]

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Глава 5 После месяца харинам, фестивалей и масштабного трехдневного Вудстока преданные тура выдохлись. Когда на собрании я напомнил, что впереди у нас еще семнадцать фестивалей, то заметил, что многие, глубоко вздохнув, закатили глаза. – Это наш долг, – сказал я. – Мы не можем все бросить и сдаться. Мы наследники традиции, которой пять сотен лет. […]

Everywhere Was Ecstasy

All throughout the Woodstock festival Krsna’s Village of Peace was teeming with tens of thousands of people exploring all we had to offer: kirtan, dramas, books, yoga, shops, exhibits and a tent where they could inquire from senior devotees. Our Ratha Yatra Cart traversed the entire Woodstock site numerous times each day. Colourfully dressed, devotees […]

An Invitation To Chant Harinama – By Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur

“Why did I, the most unfortunate fallen soul, not take birth at the time when Sri Gaurachandra inundated the entire world, including the highest mountains, with the flood of love of God? Therefore I was unable to relish those waves of love of God! “Why did I not take birth at that time to serve […]