Sur das & The Glories of Chandra-Sarovara / Слава Чандра-Саровары
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Dear disciples, friends and well-wishers: a new class entitled, “The Glories of Chandra-Sarovara” is available now on: The Glories Of Chandra Sarovara In the class we discuss the many pastimes of Radha and Krsna that take place at the lake called Chandra-Sarovara near Govardhan Hill, as well as the glories of the great devotee – […]

A Visit to the Kingdom of Bharatpur
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Фотоальбом на FB Kartika Parikrama in Bharatpur Our Kartika parikrama took us to Bharatpur, a town within the sacred boundaries of Vraja Mandala, that is rich in the history of Vaisnava culture. A former king, Maharaj Suraj Mal, protected Bharatpur from foreign invaders, while at the same time inspiring his subjects in their spiritual lives. […]

Preparing for Kartik / Приготовление к карттике
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Фотоальбом с FB – Great Expectations! For the past fews days I have been going around Vraja-mandala with a small group of devotees scouting out places to take our larger parikrama party of 350 devotees during the month of Kartika. As always, we’ve met with so many wonderful transcendental adventures. The people and places of […]

Ваша милость, Шрила Прабхпада…
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Шрила Прабхупада, ваша милость – все, из чего я состою… “Вы не можете выжить без моей милости, и я не выживу без вашей. Это взаимно. Эта взаимозависимость основана на любви – сознании Кришны”. [ письмо Шрилы Прабхупады ученику, 22 января 1976 ] ____________________ Srila Prabhupada, your mercy is all that I am made of …. […]

После года интенсивной проповеди собираюсь домой, в Шри Вриндавана-дхаму
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Tomorrow, after a year of intense preaching, I am going home to Sri Vrindavan dhama. It is only by the mercy of Srila Prabhupada and the saints that I can return. I often remember the words of Srinivas Acarya as he departed Vrindavan for preaching. As soon as he left, he was hankering to return. […]

Терпеливо ожидая поблизости…
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«Нужно принять прибежище духовного учителя. Как пылающий лесной пожар ждет туч в небесах, надо ожидать милостивой тучи духовного учителя». [Лекция Шрилы Прабхупады в Лос-Анджелесе 2 января 1969 г.]   Waiting patiently by your side …. “One has to take shelter of spiritual means. Just like the blazing fire in the forest has to wait for […]

“O spiritual master… / О духовный учитель…”
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“O spiritual master, I continually offer my obeisances unto you, who are always in the presence of Srimati Radharani and very much devoted to Her. You always reside in the association of Her confidantes, the gopis, and you are the abode of loving devotion to Krishna” “О духовный учитель, непрестанно предлагаю вам поклоны: вы всегда […]

Подношение на Вйаса-пуджу Гирираджи Свами 2018 “Добрая душа” / Vyasa Puja Offering to Giriraja Swami 2018 – “A Good Soul”
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Vyasa Puja Offering to Giriraja Swami 2018 – “A Good Soul” My dear godbrother and friend, Giriraja Maharaja, Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I am not usually without words but glorifying you is challenging because there is so much to say and so little time to say it! I could […]

From Hari-bhakti-vilāsa / Из “Хари-бхакти-виласы”
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“Если случайно соприкоснуться с искрой, она все равно обжигает. Точно также, если святое имя Господа Хари касается чьих-то уст, оно сжигает все грехи”. [ Каши-кханда; цитируется в “Хари-бхакти-виласе” 11.324 ] “Even if touched by mistake, a spark still burns. In the same way, when the holy name of Lord Hari touches one’s lips it burns […]

From Brhat-Bhagavatamrta / Из “Брихат-Бхагаватамриты”
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“Сердце мое вовсе не довольно, если  преданные, безразличные ко всем остальным духовным практикам и реализациям, желающие одного лишь личного служения Шримати Радхике, постоянно воспевающие Ее славу и поглощенный любовью к Ней, достигают  того же места на Вайкунтхе, что и иные преданные. Это так печально! Я не могу смириться с тем, что это конечное место назначения […]

For All Book Distributors – Past, Present and Future / Для всех распространителей книг нашего времени, в прошлом и в будущем
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Adapted from Srila Narahari Chakravarti Thakur’s  Śrī Bhakti-ratnākara After studying for a prolonged period in Vrindavan under the guidance of Srila Jiva Goswami and in the association of many exalted associates of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Srila Srinivas Acarya along with his dear friends Shyamananda Prabhu and Narottam Das Thakur have been ordered to leave Vraja […]

Радхика, даруя праздник служения Себе
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  “Даруя праздник вечного служения Себе, Шри Радхика – прекрасная царевна беседок Вриндавана – делает все духовные цели и практики незначительными. Совершая это, Она наводняет мир вестями о Своей нектарной красоте, и лик Ее сияет, будто неисчислимые осенние луны”. [ Шрила Прабодхананда Сарасвати, “Шри Радха-раса-шудханидхи”, стих 62 ]   “Sri Radhika, the lovely queen of […]

Anuraga-vali – The Vine of Love
 / Анурага-вали – “Лоза любви”
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1. O Lord, 
please give me millions of bodies and millions of mouths in each body. By your mercy place millions of tongues in each mouth. O Lord, may Your millions of transcendental qualities dance on those tongues! 2. What is the use of a soul that does not have millions of bodies? What is […]

Katwa, Where Lord Caintaya Took Sannyasa
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Фотоальбом на FB   Ever since taking sannyasa in 1979, I have had a strong desire to visit the town of Katwa, where Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu took sannyasa 500 years ago.Today my wish was fulfilled when myself and 60 devotees made the 2 hour journey from Sridham Mayapura to Katwa. Naru Gopal prabhu took us […]

The Sacred Village of Srikhanda / Святая деревня, Шрикханда
→ Traveling Monk The village of Srikhanda, a 3-hour scenic drive from Sridham Mayapura, is mentioned many times in Caitanya Caritamrta. Yesterday we spent 5 hours exploring the village where a number of Lord Caitanya’s personal associates resided 500 years ago. We had kirtan and katha at the exact place where Locan das Thakur wrote Caitanya Mangala. […]

Christmas In Jaipur
→ Traveling Monk We spent Christmas in Jaipur visiting various temples of the Lord. It seemed a fitting way to respect such a day which is so dear to our Christian brothers and sisters. We were particularly touched to see the mood of devotion in the eyes of of the residents of Jaipur as they took darshan […]

Beautiful Kamyavan
→ Traveling Monk Today we went on parikrama to Kamyavan. Kamyavan is fourth among the twelve forests of Vraja-mandala. The word kamya means “extremely beautiful”, “well adorned” or “highly attractive”. Many pleasant lakes, wells, ponds, trees, creepers, flowers, fruits and species of birds contribute to the beauty of this place. Krishna performed many of His childhood pastimes […]

In Bandiravan
→ Traveling Monk Yesterday on our parikrama with Sri Prahlada dasa we met Jaya Rama das, a well-known and respected sadhu residing in Bandiravan, one the 12 forests of Vrindavan. When we offered our respects to him he smiled and kindly said: “What your Srila Prabhupada has done for the whole world all the saints in India […]

The Mystical Forest
→ Traveling Monk Yesterday I took Sri Prahlada, who is visiting Vrindavan, to the Mystical Forest. Not far from Varsana is a forest of 5,000 year-old trees. Local Vrajavasi tradition says that the trees were planted by Srimati Radharani and Her girlfriends as a place of pastimes for Herself and Krsna. They are described as kalpa-vriksa trees […]

→ Traveling Monk Yesterday my good friend Sri Prahlada arrived in Vrindavan. To enter into the mood of Vraja we decided to first do Govardhan parikrama. We began on the ‘outer’ 40-kilometer parikrama road, the path used by Srila Sanatana Goswami 500 years ago. We first visited Chandra-sarovara, a beautiful holy site, where the gopis spoke the […]

Strolling Through Vrindavan / Прогуливаясь по Вриндавану
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Фотоальбом на FB I arrived back home in Sri Vrindavan dhama yesterday. This afternoon I strolled through the town of Vrindavan proper, visiting old friends and making new ones. The sights, sounds and colors of Vrindavan all helped to remind me of my good fortune to once again be present in Lord Krsna’s eternal playground. […]

Disappearance Day Offering – 2017 – Подношение на день ухода Шрилы Прабхупады
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Dear Srila Prabhupada, Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to you! As always, this is a day of mixed emotions for me. On the one hand, there is the pain of separation. Although you departed from our material vision 40 years ago, it seems to me as if it was only yesterday. In material […]

A Spiritual Meditation on the Upcoming Solar Eclipse/ Медитация на духовное в связи приближающимся солнечным затмением
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    “Vedic astronomers of five thousand years ago could predict eclipses of the sun and moon just as well as our modern astronomers can. The knowledge of the ancient astronomers went much further, however, since they understood the karmic influences of such events. Solar and lunar eclipses are generally very inauspicious, with certain rare […]

Святая земля
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Том 14, глава 15 12 августа 2017, Вудсток – Да я терпеть не могу ни вас самих, ни ваши убеждения! – кричал директор школы. – Ни за что и никогда, слышите, НИКОГДА, я не сдам вам больше школу на время Вудстока. – С этими словами он хлопнул дверью, оставив потрясенную Нандини даси застывшей на месте. […]

В одном ряду
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Том 14, глава 14 31 июля 2017, Польша В последний день первой половины нашего летнего тура я проснулся в радостном расположении духа. Несмотря на плохую, не по сезону, погоду, все двадцать четыре фестивальные программы, уже проведенные нами на Балтийском побережье Польши, были успешными. Всё пока что складывалось благополучно. Тем не менее, я подумал об изменчивой […]

Lord Caitanya Leads Kirtan / Господь Чайтанья ведет киртан
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“The Master sang joyfully in accents astonishingly sweet and charming to the ear, as He moved in the midst of a circle made by His intimate devotees. The ornament of the three worlds, Lord Gauracandra Himself, of all attractive persons the most attractive, dances, in the supreme abode of Nilacala, the temple like a blue […]

I eagerly desire to see Vrindavan / Жажду увидать Вриндаван
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  In the midst of all an all-encompassing service on the shores of a foreign land, my mind keeps returning home, to Vrindavan, that eternal abode of love and bliss … “I eagerly desire to see Vrindavan, whose indescribable beauty defeats the beauty of millions of cupids, which is brightly illuminated by a golden and […]

The hand of an old friend / Рука старого друга
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Yesterday a friend came to help me in time of great need. I was most grateful. “Ah! How good it feels! The hand of an old friend.” [ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ] Вчера во время великой нужды появился друг. Я был очень благодарен. «О! что за чувство! Рука старого друга» [ Генри Водсворт Лонгфелло ]