The four regulative principles. Bhakta Derek who studies at San…

The four regulative principles.
Bhakta Derek who studies at San Jose State University in California joined me for book distribution. Derek was talking to one of the professors who came to the table, the professor mentioned that he tried to meditate but it is very difficult. Derek responded back in a gentle yet firm way. He said, “If one lives a pure life of no meat eating, no gambling, no intoxication and no illicit sex, then one’s meditation is thousand times easier.” The Professor was deeply impressed by his response and he immediately took the book and gave a good donation.
Your servant,
Madhava Govinda Das

Sunday, October 29th, 2017

St John’s, Newfoundland
More in St. John’s

Our U.S. walking party, comprised of three Canadian Krishna monks, hit the trail, the “Great Trail” at its start.  The longest constructed trail is this one with a distance of 24,000 kilometres connecting the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans by way of a foot path.  Hayagriva, Marshall and I really just scratched the surface, covering a mere 3 km, and that was just the 3 km to get to the starting point, formerly called the “Trans Canada Trail. Mile Zero Km.”  It would take me just under two years to make that distance non-stop if I were to tackle it.  Mind you, I’m not unfamiliar with it.  I’ve taken to segments of it.

Today we made our second visit to the local Hindu temple to worship and to talk on the topic “The Rope of God,”  Highlighting the pastime of God as a child.  Krishna, as a baby, stands there shaking in fear and kajal, mascara, mixed with tears runs down His cheeks.  His mother is unhappy at His behavior and so she proceeds to give him a licking.  She gathers some rope nearby and after some struggle manages to tie Krishna to a wooden grinding mortar.  Her prescription toward correcting her son is driven by love, of course.

The above story is meant to invoke a parental feeling toward Krishna and to be charmed by Him.  It seems to me that the telling of the tale impacted the group.  By evening we held to a more yogic crowd at Meranda’s Lotus Centre.  It has been fifteen years since Meranda and I began the Sunday night chanting sessions.  It has been going strong ever since, thanks to her steady determination in maintaining such a worthwhile program.

Tonight’s session was a strong feel-good.

May the Source be with you!

6 km

Meet Ranadhira Dasa And Madhumati Devi Dasi. Clarissa Pollack:…

Meet Ranadhira Dasa And Madhumati Devi Dasi.
Clarissa Pollack: Avid Gardeners On The New Govardhana Property, Madhumati Devi Dasi And Ranadhira Dasa Have Been Sharing Their Love Of Gardening With The Local Community At Regional Markets.
“Our Produce Is Grown Using Traditional Natural Methods,” Says Ranadhira.
Ranadhira’s association with New Govardhana devotees began in 1988 when he helped to train bullocks for ploughing fields. He lived on the property for a couple of years and returned in 2007 to live here permanently.
Since 2009, Ranadhira and Madhumati have gardened together. Their methods are shared in a gardening pamphlet that they produced to describe their methods for gardening in the local climate and soil conditions. Copies of this pamphlet will be available to the temple soon. In the future, they also plan on producing one on traditional building using bamboo and earth.
The couple give informational lectures to others about the joys of healthy eating and food production.
Madhumati and Ranadhira are inspiring, long-term servants here at New Govardhana. Madhumati began her devotional life in Manilla, Philipines, in 1984. Her services included book distribution, serving with Food for Life, and finally as personal chef for her guru maharaja. After some years she moved to Australia in 2006.
Once in Australia Madhumati devoted her life to full-time temple service for the next nine years, which she describes “brought great joy”.

The Governor of Geneva: If everybody joins your movement, what…

The Governor of Geneva: If everybody joins your movement, what will happen to the economy?
Guru-Gauranga: On May 29, 1974 Prabhupada landed in Geneva and was accompanied by Satsvarupa Goswami and Nitai.
We picked Prabhupada and his team up at the airport and brought him to the temple.
I was very busy with all the arrangements for Prabhupada’s meetings and programs and for the official reception of Srila Prabhupada by the Governor of Geneva.
I was unaware of the fact that Lilavati dasi, a disciple of Prabhupada’s, had previously arrived to Geneva to do typing for Prabhupada.

Update on HG Agnideva Prabhu. Dear devotees, friends and…

Update on HG Agnideva Prabhu.
Dear devotees, friends and well-wishers,
Here is an update on Agnideva prabhu:
On Wednesday neurologists were planning a spinal tap to check for the dreadful Gullian Barr’e Syndrome. But on Thursday Agnideva prabhu was able to move his hands and lower limbs as well. This recovery in mobility is not symptomatic of GBS, so they continued trying to improve his breathing. He was achieving good oxygen levels and by Friday very minimal oxygen was being administered. At that point, Agnideva prabhu was able to speak and recognized everyone. He also remembered everything; the kirtans, japa, reading etc. at his bedside from the past few days, even while he was heavily sedated at the time. Yesterday the doctors got him to sit in a chair for two hours, but it was very exhausting for him. Although he is improving with reflexes, it’s very slow and his condition remains as serious.
Although his Oxygen levels are better, fluid continues to accumulate in his lungs, requiring drainage. Daily X-rays show slight improvement each day, but a CT scan of the chest is now scheduled to help respiratory specialists see what is causing the fluid and the lung collapse. Depending on the results, they may have to operate and insert a special liquid that draws the lungs towards the rib cage helping them inflate normally. Afterwards, surgery will also be required to repair the holes in his lungs made for drainage.
Agnideva prabhu is in a positive state of mind. He requested to hear his recording of Srila Prabhupda’s poem, “Krishna tabe puniya habe bhai.” He also announced that he has decided that his next recording will be dedicated to Lord Caitanya.
We did not anticipate the complexity of his condition, his long stay in intensive care, the probable surgery of the lungs, and thereafter his heart and the rehabilitation program. Agnideva prabhu, as well as his family and his friends, are overwhelmed by the loving support received. As the path of treatment becomes clearer we may need to call for further continued assistance from you all. Thank you everyone.
Your servant,
Indradyumna Swami

TOVP Cornice Placement

New external finishing work has begun on the TOVP with the installation of the first cornice moldings on the East Wing of the temple. These beautiful, decorative pieces are made in-house from GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) and will be positioned all around the temple, embellishing and enhancing the remarkable features of the temple. Remember to

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Gita 15.05 Surrender means to give up everything for Krishna – even the feeling of hopelessness

Bhagavad-gita verse-by-verse podcast

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Srila Prabhupada’s Procession to Goswami Temples…

Srila Prabhupada’s Procession to Goswami Temples 23/10/2017 (Album with photos)
Deena Bandhu Das: Every year on the day before Srila Prabhupada’s Disappearance Day, we take Srila Prabhupada on Sankirtan Procession to the Saptadevalaya, Seven Goswami Mandirs. Join us thru the pics of Vittalrukmini Das!
Find them here:

Demystifying Reincarnation 20 – The Freedoms of the Reincarnation Worldview



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Sunday Love Feast – 22nd Oct 2017 – Special Vedic Discourse by His Holiness Bhakti Marga Maharaj

About HH Bhaktimarga Swami:

Over forty years ago it was a youthful quest for life that led Chatham, Ontario born Bhaktimarga Swami, (formerly John Peter Vis), to adopt an Eastern order of monastic life that landed him in the Hare Krishna movement. Since that time, as a celibate monk, Swami has evolved as an instructor of bhakti-yoga and mantra meditation. His presentation on this subject of life, based on the popular Hindu text, “Bhagavad-gita” is lively, candid and informative.
With a background in fine arts, Swami also developed a passion for the performing arts. Even in the course of his duties as a monk, he expands his portfolio and manages to take an active role in theatrical productions from epics of ancient Indian origin. Casting, scripting, and directing morality theater takes him annually to venues from North America to India and Africa.
Finally, Bhaktimarga Swami achieved a remarkable feat in 1996 when he went the way of a pilgrim and walked on foot cross country from west to east and then back for a return journey from Cape Spear, Newfoundland to Vancouver Island in 2003, going full circle. He likes to share of his unique experiences and fond memories on the road after trekking 16,000 kms. Swami is a consistent feature in “The Longest Road”, a recent National Film Board documentary detailing the history of the people who shaped or were shaped by the Trans Canada Highway, the world’s longest continuous maintained road.

11.00 – 11.15    Tulsi Puja
11.15  – 11.30   Guru Puja                                        
11:30 – 11:55   Aarti & Kirtan                                    
11.55  – 12.00  Sri Nrsingadeva Prayers             
12.00 – 1: 00   Vedic discourse
  1.00 – 1.30     Closing Kirtan
  1.30 – 2.00    Sanctified Free Vegetarian Feast


Utthana  Ekadasi
Fasting…………………on Tue Oct 31,2017
Breakfast…………….  on  Wed Nov 1st ,2017 b/w 7.42am-8.26am

Every fortnight, we observe Ekadasi, a day of prayer and meditation. On this day we fast (or simplify our meals and abstain from grains and beans), and spend extra time reading the scriptures and chanting the auspicious Hare Krishna mantra.By constantly ‘exercising’ our minds through regular japa we can train our senses to push the threshold of contentment.

English audio glorification of all Ekadasis is available here 

Japathon-Congregational Mantra Meditation

Next date is to be announced shortly!

The chanting is a spiritual call for the Lord and His Energy to give protection to the conditioned soul.japa, when performed with focus and attention, can subdue the agitating effects of one’s mind and senses. The senses, of which the mind is also one, are constantly being stimulated by the external world  – by gross and subtle matter.
If you have not chanted before, and would like to participate in this program, we will be very happy to show how you can do this.
All welcome. We’ll loan you a set of Beads!

Sunday School

To register,contact us

The Sunday School provides fun filled strategies through the medium of music, drama, debates, quizzes and games that present Vedic Culture to children. However the syllabus is also designed to simultaneously teach them to always remember Krishna and never forget Him. School
The Sunday School follows the curriculum provided by the Bhaktivedanta College of Education and Culture (BCEC).

Monthly sankirtan Festival(MSF)

“One who has life can preach, and one who preaches gets life.”(Previous Acaryas)

Every member of ISKCON should have the opportunity to make advancement in Krishna consciousness by preaching.We encourage everyone to come out and participate and make Srila Prabhupada happy.

Please contact:
Dharma Dasa- and Brampton regions)

The Mentorship Program
Please note that registration in the Mentorship System is now a mandatory requirement for all initiation requests at ISKCON Brampton.It

1.Facilitates  and nurtures devotees aspiring for first and second Initiation.    
2.One-on-One personal follow up on a regular basis.
3.Systematic training to devotees in matters of Philosophy, Sadhna, Vaishnava behavior, etiquette, Lifestyle and attitudes.

To find details please click here

Gift Shop

Are you looking for some amazing gift items which are less expensive and more beautiful for your loved ones for festivals or many other occasions??
Our boutique is stocked with an excellent range of products, perfect for gifts or as souvenirs of your visit. It offers textiles, jewellery, incense, devotional articles, musical instruments, books, and CDs inspired by Indian culture.We’re open on all Sundays and celebrations marked in our annual calendar.

Pishima – the sister of Srila Prabhupada. Ananga Manjari: At the…

Pishima – the sister of Srila Prabhupada.
Ananga Manjari: At the last stages of Pishima’s (Prabhupada’s sister) life, I took it upon myself to care for her.
She had deteriorated so much so that when I woke up one morning, I went around Prabhupada’s samadhi and I prayed,
“What can I do for her? Take her because she only wants to be with you. I can’t stop her suffering anymore. I can’t make her comfortable anymore. I can’t even make her laugh anymore. Please take her. Even if this is offensive I just want relief for her.”
Afterwards, I went to her room and she was unconscious.
She wasn’t responding at all.
There were a couple of Bengalis in there testing her heart and trying to give her some Horlicks and milk but she wasn’t responding.
When I came in the room they just shook their heads, crying and they left, leaving me all alone with her.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed slumped over and I was rubbing her back a little bit and chanting japa with the other hand trying to figure out what to do.

As I started chanting I noticed her fingers move as if she was chanting japa.

Then I knew she could hear me.

I asked her in my broken Bengali, “Pishima, do you need to go to the bathroom? Do you need water or milk? Can I do anything for you?” No answer.

But I knew she could hear me, so I put on Prabhupada’s recording of “Nitai-pada-kamala” because that was our relationship.

I went up to her and asked, “Pishima, you hear Prabhupada?” Pishima grunted, “Ha”.

Then I knew that’s all she wanted.

I propped her up with lots of pillows trying to make her as comfortable as I could.

I put the mosquito net around and I kept playing Prabhupada’s music.

Every once in a while I’d go up to her and ask if she needed anything and got no answer.

Then again I asked if she wanted to hear Prabhupada and again I got the same response, “Ha”, every time.

In the evening, the Bengali devotees had called her relatives since they knew this was going to be her last days.

They all came in the room and someone brought all the gurukulis into the room.

They were singing a loud kirtan jumping up and down and others were howling and crying.

It was such an extreme from Prabhupada’s singing all day to this raucous carnival.

I got the feeling this wasn’t what she wanted.

I felt she needed peace and calm.

I ran outside trying to look for someone to help and ran into Nitai Chand who was a big sannyasi everyone was afraid of.

In my passion I just blurted out to him,

“You have to go to Prabhupada’s room and you have to tell everyone to sit down and be quiet. They can play kirtan but it has to be subdued.”

With a surprised look he said, “Okay”, and he ran to the room.

I thought, “Woah, I didn’t expect that.”

He went into the room and commanded everyone to sit and be quiet which they did.

The kirtan then went on nicely as I held her hand on one side and her youngest son held her hand on the other side quietly sobbing.

Then Pishima’s eyes started fluttering and her mouth started moving.

I thought maybe she was going to say something or that she needed something.

I went very close to her face and she whispered, “Hare, Hare, Hare, Ha”, and that was it.

I just stood there in stillness and thought, “Oh, my God. That was her last breath.”

Right away in my mind’s eye, I saw this vision of her actually moving up, her subtle body, just like you see in films where you see the ethereal see-through body.

The physical body is still lying there, but the ethereal body rises up.

Then her eyes started to open.

She was looking up at the ceiling of the room and she started raising her hand.

I had to actually move out of her way.

I was still holding the other hand as she was looking up at the corner of the room with her hand reaching out and Prabhupada came down with a big smile on his face.

His hand was held out in the same way as her hand was reaching out and they held hands.

Prabhupada was also ethereal but it was Prabhupada as we know him.

He came down with a smile on his face, she looked at him, and I could see their backs as they started floating up to the corner of the room.

I remember my eyes were moving and they both turned around smiling and gave me a nod and a look as if to say, “Everyone’s coming. Come on. We’re all going to go.”

And then they disappeared. The first thing I thought was,

“They left me here. They left me here.”

I wanted to go with them.

I looked down and I realized that I was still holding her hand but she wasn’t there anymore.

I could feel the difference of energy because while she was still in her body, I was praying,

“Whatever youthful energy I have, whatever strength I have, whatever goodness or piety or anything I have, let her have it now. Give it to her. Give her this strength and comfort.”

I was giving her everything I had in my heart and when it stopped, I realized that energy was coming back to me.

She was giving me so much and she was now with Prabhupada where she wanted to be.

A little later on, after putting a fresh sari and tilak on Pishima, everyone came back to have another darshan with her by putting flower petals around her and offering prayers.

I was standing there looking at her body thinking, “She looks effulgent.”

Earlier she was looking like a dried up prune just withering away.

But now there was light coming from her body and I said to myself, “She’s glowing!”

Normally as devotees we don’t use the word “glowing”.

We’d say “effulgent” or “bright faced”.

I thought I was hallucinating because there were so many emotional things going on.

As soon as I thought that, two pujaris walked into the room and one said to the other pujari, “She’s glowing”.

Immediately I thought Krishna had let me hear that for a reason because I doubted what I saw.

I thought it was my imagination.

But when they used the same word, “glowing”, I knew it was true.

It was all true.

Krishna, Prabhupada and Pishima allowed me to see that and that is another experience that has kept me going as a devotee.

I have great enthusiasm that at the time of our death, for everyone who tries to do something for Prabhupada, he’ll come and take us by the hand; anyone who’s been touched by him.

Later on I had experiences with my father and mother who weren’t too fond of the devotees.

My father deep in his heart was a devotee but my mother was against the devotees.

But when my mother was about to pass, she said, “Is Krishna going to help me?”

Then she said, “Krishna is here now. I am going to go and have a picnic with him.”

She left with the devotees chanting.

This is the amazing mercy and it’s all coming from Srila Prabhupada.

We’re all taking part in his movement and these stories that devotees have of him, glorifying him, their emotions with him, their instructions from him, are going down in history through these tapes, videos and books and I am very grateful for that.

I believe this is the Caitanya-caritamrita and Bhagavatam being expanded.

And thank you.

—Ananga Manjari

Fixing the Mind. Chaitanya Charan Das: When something doesn’t…

Fixing the Mind.
Chaitanya Charan Das: When something doesn’t work properly, we need to fix it. We all need to fix our mind because it frequently malfunctions by getting distracted. It frets over the unchangeable, craves for the undesirable, and worries about the unpredictable. By its unnecessary and unhealthy fixations, it sabotages our capacity to deal with life’s challenges.
Still, fixing the mind on constructive things, on the things we need to do, is not easy. Dragging it from its fixations can seem like lugging a huge weight. Over time, the labor becomes too much, and we give up. And the mind promptly rushes back to its distressing obsessions.
Just as we can lift a heavy weight more easily with a lever, we can lift the mind heavy with its infatuations more easily with the lever of remembrance of Krishna. Though its fixations may be varied, the mind’s essential needs are twofold: security and pleasure. If anything threatens, it becomes fearful. If anything allures, it becomes desireful.

Krishna, being the ultimate reality, is the source of the supreme security and the supreme satisfaction. When we fix the mind on him, it first opposes, sometimes vehemently. Why? Because it is habituated to seeking security and satisfaction elsewhere. But if we persevere in focusing on him by practicing bhakti-yoga, it experiences that the security and joy coming from this divine focus are unparalleled. As this realization sinks in, the mind slowly gives up its attachments to worldly things and shifts that attachment to Krishna. A divinely attached mind focuses more readily on constructive things, making life more manageable.

No wonder the same Bhagavad-gita that acknowledges the mind’s obstinacy (6.35 – Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa said: O mighty-armed son of Kuntī, it is undoubtedly very difficult to curb the restless mind, but it is possible by suitable practice and by detachment.) assures that fixing it on Krishna makes our inner growth much easier (8.14 – For one who always remembers Me without deviation, I am easy to obtain, O son of Pṛthā, because of his constant engagement in devotional service.). Thus, fixing the mind on Krishna acts like the lever for fixing the mind.